Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aurora's best of Manga! Volume 2 - Fairy Tail

So do you know what it means to have glue, glitter, and chocolate under your finger nails? It means you are bad for neglecting your blog! At least, that's what it means for me. Sumimasen!

And, let's move on...

#1 - The World God Only Knows
#2 - Fairy Tail

While twiddling my thumbs between jobs I would stroll along the information highway looking for new things. One of my many stumbles was this fantastically typical shonen title: magical battles between macho guys and large-breasted women, sprinkled with humour. The thing is, Mashima Hiro sensei has created characters with such a strong sense of loyalty, friendship, and integrity, that it is easy finding yourself liking each and everyone of the members of this guild of magic users.

That being said, none of these characters are without flaws, sometimes many: Natsu is hot-headed and quick tempered, Lucy is a bit naive, Gray is competitive, and for some reason always stripping... but never-the-less, they are good people with beautiful hearts. I should also add that their beautiful bodies don't really hurt, either. At one of my previous jobs, a co-worker was telling me how her son is an avid fan of manga and anime, and that the only thing that really bothered her was the sexual depiction of women. She then pointed to the cover of my volume of Fairy Tail that I had. I then flipped through the tankoubon and came to a page with Gray, and his former sempai, Lyon, both with their shirts off, displaying their incredibly toned bodies and rippling abs. My coworker, being her wonderful self, then decided that if it was even, it was ok. We laughed, and smiled, and all was good.

I love this series, hands down. It is already over 250 chapters, with as many as 17 volumes available in North America through Kodansha Comics (Volumes 1-12 available through Del Rey). It may be formulaic, but it is a formula that works!

Now, lets hope I don't get too distracted by Christmas gift crafting again...

Matta ne!

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