Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally watching One Piece

Today I had another box arrive, but this time it was a big one!! It's one I've been looking forward to, and was happily surprised at its early arrival! I now finally have my first two volumes of the Blue Exorcist manga, season 1 of Honey and Clover, Sora no Woto (Sound of the Sky) complete series, and....
...drum roll....


One Piece Collection One!!!! I've had Collection two on my shelf for about a month now, so having the first 26 episodes is beyond exciting! For those who haven't read my article in (Cult)ure Magazine, I became completely obsessed with the manga after Anime North 2011. Now that I'm all caught up with the manga, I am ecstatic about being able to watch the anime! I remember clearly stating in my conversation with the article's title character - Charlie - that my original revulsion for the show came from the horrible job that 4Kids! Entertainment did for it first, and that my half-asleep impression of it was: "Wow, this is stupid."

With my newly refurbished interest in this show about pirates (ninjas still rule) I have placed disc one within my DVD player, enjoying its "new DVD smell" and all! I can already tell that the first airing of the show in Japan was a while ago, simply from the animation and art quality. Fortunately, my FAVOURITE SEIYUU OF ALL TIME, KAZUYA NAKAI, does the voice for Zoro, who has recently become one of my FAVOURITE CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME!!!! Yes, I am happy to be watching this, and listening to it.

I was about to say: "Hey! I'll let you know how it is after I've watched it a bit", but lets be honest... Kazyua Nakai + Zoro = happy camper. It could be garbage, and I wouldn't care. I'm going to return to my TV now, and watch Zoro wield some awesome swords.

Ja nai!

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