Sunday, November 27, 2011

This Damn Article!! Grrrrrrr...

So, the mecha article that I am currently writing is taking waaaay longer than I thought it would. Although I am finally wrapping it up, I have to wait for the publication notice from my publishing site. I figured, in its place, I would give you all a bit of a teaser!

Here you go!

"The three titles I am currently watching span the reaches of near space, distant space, and the backyard of Tokyo. What is really amusing is the fact that two out of the three of these series take place within their future, but our past. Patlabor: The TV Series takes place in an alternate 1989 (the year after it was originally released) where large robot-like vehicles, called labors, were created mostly for the construction industry. What is really amusing is that after every ending credit they state that the story is completely fictional, “but in ten years… who knows?” Contrary to the man-made mechs of Patlabor, Macross’s initial incident involves the crashing of a large space ship onto on island off the coast of Japan. According to the anime, this happened in 1999, and “now”, ten years later, aliens known as the Zentradi are attacking, after having followed said starship. I must admit, I think I missed that article in the paper … Each one of these titles has something that makes it unique: the love stories in Macross, the politics in Gundam, and the humour and realism in Patlabor."

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