Monday, November 14, 2011

Subject of study

As I was sitting at Starbucks today, waiting for company, I was trying to decide what to write about next. Since I didn't write an entry yesterday, I have to do one today, right? I came up with the following list:

  • been watching Blue Exorcist vol. 1, but it is very shonen... not really in the mood for that
  • maybe talk about Catholic iconography in anime and its depiction?
  • watched Le Portrait de Petite Cossette last night while falling asleep, and it is MESSED UP!! One of the most surreal stories I've even watched (and that is saying a lot)!
Once one of my companions arrived, I realized: write about the fact that my collection is actually worthy of study! With a completely sober tone, I can tell you how a friend of mine, who is studying museology (museum studies) at UQAM, has selected my anime collection as the topic of her major project in one of her graduate classes. That's right! There is a grad paper being written about my personal (and very extensive) collection! I had to pick out my top 15 items and everything! Fortunately (for her) I actually already have a spreadsheet detailing all of the current titles in my collection, including year of release, version, number of discs, languages available, studio and distributor, and genres. I do feel sorry for her having to go through all 380+ entries, though... (that's how many articles are on my shelves - I'll share pictures soon)

Now, this paper has me asking one very important question: "Does this make my collection cool, or just sad?" I'm still on the fence about how to answer. The geek in me is beyond proud and is jumping up and down! The rest of me feels a sense of shame at the other part's exuberance.

What do you guys think? Cool or sad? Validated or exposed? I mean, it doesn't even include my manga or my figurines!

I'll let you guys figure it out... it's giving me a headache...

So, for now, 
Mata ne!

PS. Did I say that 380+ didn't include manga and figurines... ha... haaaa...........haaaaaaaaaaa..................oh. Forget I mentioned that...

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  1. I think it’s definitely cool! But I suppose I could be jaded in that aspect, as I'm also a Otaku.

    As I already had the anime imprinted on me, since a teen but the monster was created long after. :P

    I see you as a collector and there is not one thing wrong with that, it’s an amazing art form. (anime as well as manga) I think it’s amazing that your collection is part of a study, people collect different items and things and you shouldn’t let anyone think that it is stupid or sad.

    This is something you like and something that makes you happy so I say Goshinpai naku