Monday, November 28, 2011

New Job, New Blog Series!

As I begin a new venture, I want to strive to keep up my new blog schedule. While I will continue to write longer articles and link them here, I want to do something else, too. In order to do that I have constructed a new series about my personal favourites! People often ask me what I recommend in terms of anime to watch and manga to read, and I always find myself flummoxed. Fortunately, having my collection evaluated for study has forced me to prioritize my titles and preferences.

I took some time at the end of my work day today, and wrote down the first fifteen anime that came to mind as ones I love, and then did the same for manga. Obviously, I haven't watched or read everything that's out there, so the list has changed as a discover new gems. For now, however, I will stick to the list I've written up. I will go through it in no particular order, if only because I can't bring myself to rate them in any sort of order. It equates to a parent picking his or her favourite child - you just don't ask someone to do it.

Starting tomorrow I will count out the top 15 manga and 15 anime, one at a time, and help you all fill out your own collections, or at least your viewing repertoire. Feel free to share your own opinions of my faves, since I will not begrudge anyone for their own feelings.

I feel prompted now to ask: What's your number 1? Is it as hard for you to pick as it is for me? Do you prefer to watch or read? That's probably enough questions for you all. ;)

Until tomorrow!
Matta ne!

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