Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lolly-gagging again...

Look at that! As soon as I say: "Oh, this is just to post until I finish writing the article," I find myself laying my writing responsibility by the wayside. Again, not for lack of things to say, just finding myself a bit lethargic these days. Looking for work and not having a structured day leads one only to procrastination!

I started writing a preface to the article I was writing, and found that it was actually better suited for the actual article, so am now thinking back to what I've written, read, and watched. Still watching One Piece, but there are 78 episodes to get through, so it might take a while. I've started watching Honey and Clover, which I've been reading since the summer. Both through reading and watching it is very obvious that this is a shojo title. It is not apparent only in the story, but also in the artistic treatment. The poetic language partnered with abstract imagery spins on the screen as Takamoto falls in love and for some odd reason remembers riding a bicycle as a kid and philosophically thinking about how far he can go without looking back. What does that have to do with the plot? Absolutely nothing. Is it artsy and trite? Of course! Does it work within the context of this story of love triangles within love triangles within love triangles (I suppose it is more of a love dodecahedron...)? Darn tootin'!

I got completely absorbed into the manga over the summer, and was stopped only by immediate availability. The wash of greys in the manga translate gorgeously into the colour of the anime. The big question now is whether I will get ahead faster on screen or will I finish it on paper first?

Any thoughts?

Mata ne!

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